Friday, November 05, 2010

Afterwards - Charles Kaufman

"The Paparazzi Fairies collected the photos of has-been celebrities from around the world, then AFTERWARDS put them in a pile to be used as fuel for their annual B&T (Botox and TummyTuck) festival bonfire."

The illustration was created with acrylic paints on canvas.
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Nancy Bea Miller said...

Weirdly cute concept. But I have to ask, why just the "female" would-be celebrities? Lotsa guys having botox and tummy tucks (and even chest implants) these days. Just saying...!

Charles said...

Hello, Nancy, thanks for the comment!
Regarding the female only part of the illustration...the MEN has-been celebrities are handled by a different group of MALE Paparazzi Fairies (or winged Elves as they liked to call themselves) and they are having their annual celebration later in the year.

Please note there is an added event in the male Paparazzi Fairy Festivities called: "Pin the toupee on the bald, has-been, male celebrity".
Hence the name modification for the Male Has-Been Celebrity festival: B&T&B (Botox and TummyTuck and BALD).

ecartoonman said...

Wow! I like the style!

Ray Ferguson said...

Wow that must be a lot of fuel! Another great illustration!