Friday, January 11, 2008


"She knew the killer was in town, frightening the wits out of all the locals with his series of mysterious, gruesome murders.

The murderer´s weapon of choice was unusual: a very large, rusty needle and a spool of dirty thread.
He would his sew his victims to death.
If they didn´t die from the unusual needlework he quickly performed on their bodies, the hideous diseases they picked up from the unsanitary needle and thread did them in.

As she lay in bed waiting for daylight to come, her bedroom door slowly creaked open.
She looked up in terror and called out the needle & thread killer´s nickname...."


More illustrations here.


Loni Edwards said...

Haha! Good one! Nice job! I loved the story with it.

The Love Collective said...

Wow, the backstory rocks!

Rrramone said...

Great, now I'll be having nightmares... ;-)

delaverobum said...

Very Funny!

Jeff Brame said...

Heehee, shes looks as shes fixing to come unstitched!! Love the colors used. Cool stuff.

Danielle McDonald said...

Ha too funny! I love your use of colour in this one too!