Monday, October 16, 2006


This illustration was created using Adobe Illustrator.

Don´t miss my paintings in the group art show "Apparitions" at the the Lunar Boy Art Gallery in Oregon.
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Michelle Lana said... style!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Right on! I wasn't too enthused with sMitten either, but decided to conceed to the popular meaning (I took the easy way out). I just love what you have done with sMitten!

erika said...

love this. you have great style :)

LedZeppelin5000 said...

I can tell you really thought about the theme before working on it because this is just bout the most creative thing I have seen for this theme. Great work!

2danimator said...

cool. you make it look so easy!

Steve said...

Great idea, I wasn't to excited about the topic either, good to see you thinking outside the square.